Cheongna International City

A business town with the new concept of coexistence between work and residential facilities

Cheongna has been developed as a center of international finance and logistics where the Integrated Data Center of Hana Finance Town is already running. City Tower and Shinsegae Suburban Shopping Complex will be completed in 2022 and 2020, respectively to become the landmarks of Cheongna. The city also has an attractive residential complex with a novel concept.

Development Outline

  • Location : Gyeongseo-dong , Yeonhee-dong, Wongchang-dong, Seo-gu
  • Size : 17.80㎢ 
  • Budget : 6.6 trillion
  • Project period : 2003 ~ 2024
  • Estimated population : 98,060 people (36,184 families)

Development Plans

New Business Town with Industrial and Housing Facilities
  • International Business : Theme industry designations such as finance ∙ insurance, related business facilities promotion (Role allocation through a wide ranging finance cluster with Yeouido(back office function))
  • Robot Industry : Robot R&D industry ∙ research facility and robot theme park construction
  • Component Manufacturing : Component manufacturing research·production complex based on IHP, GM Korea site
  • Tourism and Distribution : Large-scale shopping distribution tourism complex for domestic and foreign tourist attraction