Perfect Distribution and Transportation

The rapidly growing logistics of Incheon Port and Incheon International Airport ranked the world’s best for twelve consecutive years.


Incheon International Airport

  • 1st in Global Airport Service Assessment for 12 consecutive Years
  • No. of annual flights: 340,000 / No. of passengers: 57 million
  • Transportation of international freight: 2nd in the world / Volume of freight handled: 5 million tons
  • 90 air carriers connecting 188 cities

Incheon New Port & International Passenger Terminal

  • Incheon New Port : Berthing capacity of 12,000TEU Six berths / 1,600-meter-long wharf
  • International passenger termina l: Cruise ship (220,000-ton class) / Car ferry (50,000-ton class) Passenger management: 2.2 million passengers / Freight: 820,000 TEU
Public transportation
Public transportation

Public transportation

  • A’REX : Incheon International Airport~ Gimpo Airport ~ Seoul Station
  • Incheon Subway Line No.1 : Songdo~ Seoul
  • Incheon Subway Line 2: Incheon International Airport Railroad (Geomam Station) ~ Seoul (Gyeongin Line)
  • Suin Line : Incheon Station ~ Oido Station
  • Incheon Airport Maglev : Incheon International Airport ~ Yongyu Station
Traffic network
Traffic network

Transport Networks in Capital

  • Incheon International Airport Expressway: Yeongjong ~ Seoul
  • Incheon Bridge: Songdo~Yeongjong
  • Gyeongin[Seoul-Incheon] Expressway1,2,3: Songdo, Cheongna~Seoul
  • 2nd Outer Ring Road: Songdo, Cheongna~Gimpo