Business Overview

  • Location : Industrial zone and academic/research facility zone in the Songdo district, Incheon Free Economic Zone
  • Development Details :
    • Bio-medicine·medical·healthcare field Attract R&D·production·service corporations
    • Create supporting infrastructure for related fields
  • Area : 910,000㎡ (as of December 2017, total area of designated sites)

Project Status

Secure the largest production capacityfor bio-medicine productsfor
bio-medicine products in the world
Songdo (560,000ℓ) > San Francisco >
Singapore > Ireland
Attract global corporations in the bio-medicine
process supporting field to create a stable base for supply and demand
Charles River Korea (2012), GE Healthcare (2016),
Merck (2016 M Lab collaborative center,
2017 manufacturing facilities), etc.
Achieve the best results (product authorization) in the domestic
bio-medicine R&D sector
  • Owns the first authorized antibody biosimilar product (Remsima) in the world
  • Corporations in Songdo developed 7 products out of 10 authorized in Korea
  • Spearheads exporting activities for domestic medicine and medical supplies (Exporting share of Incheon: 41.5% of the nationwide total (2016))
※ From the Third Stage Government Plan (2017~2025) for the ″Biotech 2000 Program″ (announced in September 2017), transformSongdo into a cluster for production and global expansion to further develop a cluster-centric ecosystem for the biotech industry

Major Resident Corporations by Field

Field Resident Corporation
Medicine and Medical
Supplies Production
(5 companies)
  • Celltrion (Singapore): Launched the first antibody biosimilar in the world
  • Samsung Biologics (USA): Owns the largest production capacity for bio-medicine in the world
  • Dong-A Socio Group (Japan): Phase-2 facilities construction in progress
  • BINEX: Produces medicine and medical supplies on a consignment basis
  • Janssen Korea (USA): Manufactures vaccine products for young children
Process Support
(6 companies)
  • Merck (Germany): Manufactures cell culture medium products/offers related services
  • Merck M.Lab Collaboration Center (Germany): Offers technical support for biotech processes
  • GE Healthcare (USA): Provides training for biotech processes
  • Ajinomoto Genexine (Japan): Manufactures cell culture medium products/offers related services
  • Charles River Korea (USA): Offers non-clinical testing services
  • Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Korea: Manufactures Bio Fluid Systems
Medical Devices
(5 companies)
  • Olympus (Japan): Offers training for medical devices
  • BRC (Singapore) Songdo Brain Valley: Develops MRI and a-BNCT technology for the Gil Hospital
  • i-SENS (USA): Manufactures blood-sugar level testers
  • Osstem Implant (Japan): Conducts research, manufactures, and offers training for medical/dental treatment devices
  • KD Corporation (Japan): Manufactures medical separators
(6 organizations)
  • Samsungbioepis (USA): Launched the largest number of biosimilar products in Korea to date
  • EONE Laboratories (Korea): Researches testing and diagnosing techniques, genetic analysis methods, etc.
  • Utah-Inha DDS & Advanced Therapeutics Research Center (USA): Researches new medical technology
  • Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute (Korea): Researches cancer/diabetes medicine
  • Korea Conformity Laboratories (Korea): Offers non-clinical toxicity testing services
  • Korea Polar Research Institute of Marine Research Placement: Conducts basic/advanced applied science research for polar organisms
(5 organizations)
  • Yonsei University International Campus: College of Pharmacy
  • Incheon National University: Department of Boilogical Sciences, Molecular and Medical Science, Bioengineering, Nano-bioengineering
  • Ghent University Global Campus: Department of Molecular Biotechnology
  • IFEZ Bio Analysis Center (Korea): Supports the use of bio analysis-related equipment, conducts analysis on a consignment basis, develops human resources, etc.
  • IBITP: Supports start-ups, shares bio equipment, etc.

Songdo Bio Cluster

A bio cluster that spearheads the development of future technology in the custom medicine and regenerative medicine fields, and complies with international standards and specifications for the bio, medicine, medical devices, medical services fields.
Featuring Samsung Biologics, Celltrion, Dong-A Socio Group, and more, the Songdo Bio Front is one of the best bio clusters in the world in terms of bio medicine and medical supplies production capacity (for a single city). Moreover, it has become a bio cluster for bio medicine research and bio services that complies with international standards and specifications.
  • Location : Construction zone 4 in the Songdo district (13-6, Songdo-dong area)
  • Remaining Site Capacity : 22,546㎡ (for service industry)
  • Resident Corporations : 10 corporations, including Celltrion, Janssen Korea, EONE Laboratories, Berna Biotech Korea
Development Plan
Blueprint No Block Number of lot Usage Area(㎡) Building Coverage Ratio(%) Floor Area Ratio (%) Height
D 13-27 Research facilities, Business (Officetel is not permitted) 22,546 60 350 30m or below
Block Classification Major Facilities
D Usage Permissible Usage
  • Research facilities, Workfare Facility (only for dormitory), Community housing (only for dormitory), Business facilities (Officetel is not permitted)
  • Type 1 neighborhood living facility (only for 'GA’ or ‘LA’)
  • Type 2 neighborhood living facility (massage parlor, and clinic center for massage, religious congregation and outdoor golf practice facilities are excluded) •Sales facility (wholesales markets in 'GA’ and item '2' in ‘DA' are excluded)
Disapproval Usage Usage for other than permitted purposes

Bio Hub Expansion

Establish a 990,000㎡ bio hub in zone 11 and link development with zones 4, 5, 7 in Songdo
  • Attract R&D, manufacturing, and service corporations in the global medicine, medical, healthcare fields
  • Establish a supporting infrastructure to help reinforce global competitiveness of the domestic R&D and commercialization applications
  • Develop high-tech bio industries (genetics, brain research, etc.) using key technology (AI, big data, 3D printing, IoT) for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Songdo Medical Town Development

Songdo Severance Hospital
  • Zone 7, Yonsei University International Campus
  • Construction Date: 2019/Target Opening Date: 2024
  • Capacity: 800 ~ 1,000 beds
  • Research-oriented hospital infused with cutting-edge technology e.g. Robot Operation Center, etc.
Science Park Development
  • Zone 11, 42,000 pyeong
  • An industry-academia collaboration cluster that facilitates collaboration between the highly competent researching personnel at Yonsei University and world-class bio corporations in Songdo
  • Create an Open Lab, in which local corporations can participate (share space, personnel, equipment)
Gachon Gil Hospital Brain Valley
  • Gil Hospital Brain Disease Center
    • Brain Disease Clinical Testing Center
  • Neuroscience Research Institute Gachon University
    • Develop 11.7T MRI (high-tech diagnosis device) to research
      Alzheimer’s, cerebral apoplexy, brain tumors, etc. at a molecular level
  • Neutron Cancer Treatment Research Center
    • Develop a-BNCT (cutting-edge cancer treatment device) to offer treatment solutions for simple cancers, recurrent cancers, micro cancers
Songdo Biomedi Complex
  • An international hospital and R&D center that works in partnership with top hospitals in Korea and abroad