Overview and Purpose of One-Stop Service

It aims to enhance communications between investing companies and the responsible department through systematic management regarding the attraction of foreign investment from the IR planning stage through the investment review and practice stage to the follow-up stage and improve the investment environment consistently.

One-Stop Service Major One-Stop Services

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    Provide Information
    related to IFEZ to foreign

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    Help foreign investors
    discover new investment

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    Q&A on law, tax and

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    Consult on how to make
    use of investment

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    Assess conditions of
    location and provide such
    information to investment
    for better investment

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    Search for promising
    investment partners for
    foreign investors.

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    Handle civil affairs
    adminstration related to
    foreign investment on
    behalf of responsible

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    Coordinate duties
    between related
    administrative authority or
    agency and investor.

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    Help handle the
    difficulties that investors
    experience doing business

Procedures for comprehensive investment consulting

Procedures for comprehensive investment consulting

Inquiry about One-Stop Service

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