2011 IncheonFreeEconomicZone Brochure
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  • Date 2012-04-26

IFEZ’s Advantages The Incheon Free Economic Zone, the choice of global companies

Geographical advantage
Now, the Incheon Free Economic Zone has caught the attention of world business
leaders. From here you can visit 61 megacities in 3.5 hours flying time and do business
with more than 1/3 of the world’s population. The city in a good position for those who
want to enter the Chinese market due to its close proximity to major cities in China
such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Perfect infrastructure
With the city’s strategic location just a 20 minute drive from Incheon International
Airport, which has been consecutively rated as number one in the world in airport
service and emerged as the main hub of Northeast Asia, and the Incheon port with the
most advanced infrastructure, keeping the pace of business humming along. Plus, the
transportation network allows you to get Seoul and the metropolitan area within one hour.

Highly educated manpower
Korea is recognized for its high level of education by the major industrialized nations
of the world. The Incheon Free Economic Zone can indeed maximize the use of highly
educated manpower in high-tech industries including IT, BT and NT due to its close
proximity to the metropolitan area of Korea.

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