IFEZ Global Center

Introduction of IFEZ Global Center

IFEZ Global Center, which is run by the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority, is a comprehensive support center for foreign residents in IFEZ. IFEZ Global Center is dedicated to provide a trouble-free life for the foreign residents in IFEZ. We hope to ease the problem you may face while living in IFEZ by providing information and services.


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    Welcome newcomers from all over the world.
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    Inform expats about tips on daily living.
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    Advise on matters related to administrative services, legal service, immigration, education, labor, business, tax and real estate.
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    Connect foreigners in IFEZ to relevant offices that may respond to their needs and special requests.
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    Organize educational courses and cultural exchange programs. And they are all FREE! Just visit IFEZ Global Center or contact us by calling (+82 32 453 7350) or sending email (ifezglobal@korea.kr).


Please experience our services for your convenience and enjoyment of life in IFEZ.
IFEZ Global Center is always here for you.

Business Hours

Mon – Fri 09:00-19:00