Departure Inpsection of Foreigners

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Foreigners are free to leave Korea at their will, and by default, the right to do so may not be restricted. However, exceptions are made to those who involved in acts of crime or any such activities that justify such restriction. In extreme cases, one may be forcefully deported without consent.


Those that exceeded their allowed period of stay may leave the country after complying with prescribed procedures at the Immigration Bureau.

Registered foreigners that are permanently departing the country must return their foreign registration cards during the departure inspection.
- Failure to return the card is a breach of Immigration Act Article 37, and may result in negligence fines.

Registered foreigners wishing to re-enter the country within the granted period of stay must obtain a re-entry permit (not applicable to the following countries with re-entry waiver agreements).
- France , Suriname , Belgium , Netherlands , Luxemburg , Switzerland , Sweden , Denmark , Norway , Finland , Liechtenstein , and Germany