Road name address

    • Present address according to the address system based on land-lot numbers : 654-4, Dongseong-Dong. Seo-Gu, Kwangju


    • Street-name address according to the address system based on street names : 20, Sarang3 street, Seo-Gu, Kwangju


A method and procedure for giving street-names and building numbers Street names are given to each block do the street e.g)Jindalrae road, Hanvit road, Youngtong main road. The building members given in regular sequence, the left side is odd number and right side is even number centering from a starting direction to an end direction of street

Standards for endowing street names and building numbers

An example for giving a street name and building number

Street names should be given to streets per fixed block of street while reflecting the characteristics and historical facts of its region When giving street names, accepting opinions from its relevant Office of Street Administration and local residents In order to “The New Address” Application '주소찾아' (Find Address) User's Guide Introduction and Download information of “The New Address” Application named '주소찾아' (Find Address)


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