Medical Insurance

Health Insurance System for Foreigners

What is health Insurance

The purpose of this social security system is to promote social security and improve national health of the citizens of Korea and foreigners residing in Korea by providing insurance benefits regarding the treatments of, but not limited to, illnesses and injuries.


  • General Requirements
    • Persons registered as aliens in pursuance of Article 31 of the “Immigration Control Law”.
    • Persons who have reported residence in Korea in pursuance of Article 6 of the “Act on Immigration and Legal Status of Overseas Korea”.
    • Persons who are registered as residents according to Article 6 of the "Resident Registration Law."
  • Employed Foreigners
    • Employees hired by a Health Insurance Applied Establishment. Foreigners who are employed at an Applied Establishment are covered by default.
      ※ French Health Insurance Employed Subscribers are eligible for facultative application
      (Social Security Agreement Concluded).
    • Following Employed Subscribers may request exemption from subscription.
      · Medically insured persons by foreign law or insurance.
      · Medically insured persons subsequent to contracts with the employer.
  • Local Subscribers
    • Those who are not insured as an Employed Subscribers or a Dependent, but hold one of the following visas may personally subscribe for insurance.
      ※ Sojourn status: F-1~6, D-1~9, E-1~7, E-9~10, H-1~2, Korean nationals residing in foreign countries

Registration Process & Required Documents

  • Employed Subscribers
    • The employer of the establishment must include a copy of an Alien Registration Card (Domestic Residence Report Card) or a Proof of Alien Registration Report (Proof of Domestic Residence Report) in order to apply for insurance.
  • Local Subscribers
    • Local Subscribers may apply for insurance by directly submitting the Alien Registration Card (Domestic Residence Report Card) or a Proof of Alien Registration Report (Proof of Domestic Residence Report), along with 1 copy of the required document specified for the type of Visa held by the applicant indicated in Appendix 10 of the Enforcement Regulations of the National Health Insurance Act to a branch office of the Corporation.

Qualifying Time Period

  • Employed Subscribers
    • During the period of employment at the establishment.
  • Employee Dependent
    • During the period applied for insurance. However, if reported within 90 days of the incident date, insurance may be backdated as if obtained on the incident date.
  • Local Subscriber
    • 3 months after the date entering Korea (final admittance date)
    • If there are reasons to believe the applicant will reside in Korea for more than 3 months subsequent to work, studying abroad or marriage, the qualifying time period may be the date of entering Korea.

Insurance Benefits

  • Foreigners are applicable for the same insurance benefits as Korean citizens.
    • The corporation will cover 80% of medical expenses for hospitalizations, and approximately 50-70% of medical expenses for out-patient visits. Moreover, payment assistance concerning expenses for childbirth and such are provided, and a variety of other subscriber support services are provided to offer health information and promote the prevention of diseases.

Criminal prosecution of illegal insurance benefit recipients

  • Illegal use of health insurance benefits may be subjected to criminal prosecution
    • Person lending their insurance card or identification card to others, or those receiving medical treatment with the insurance card of another person.
    • Person receiving or requesting another person to receive insurance payments by being dishonest or through other fraudulent methods will be subject to a maximum of 1 year in prison or a maximum of 10 million won in fines, in pursuance of Article 115 (Penalty) Subparagraph 2-5 of the National Health Insurance Act.
  • The criminal prosecution results will be informed to the Immigration Office, resulting in disadvantages, such as prohibition of entry and restrictions on extending the length of stay.

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