High speed internet

High speed internet has spread rapidly in Korea, one of the world’s most internet savvy countries. High speed internet services are available in many homes. There are three major companies offering high speed internet services as below. If you call the numbers or check the homepages for registration consultation or register for internet services after signing up for membership online, an installation technician will visit you to install internet services.

To use an internet service, you need wired equipment for wired internet service and wireless equipment for wireless internet service. Service charges vary depending on internet service providers and different products. In general, there are 1 to 3-year contract periods. Discount rates are applied, depending on the period of your contract. If you cancel the internet service within the term of your contract or shorten the period of your contract, you should return the discounted amount you have received during the duration of your contract. You should also pay the rental fees for modem and AP.
Company URL Tel
Olleh KT +82 1588 8448
LG U+ version) +1544 0010
SK broadband +82 106 -> 1