Postal Service

You can mail letters, postcards and little parcels by putting them in a mailbox on the street or by visiting a post office in your neighborhood. You should go to the post office when using nonstandard envelopes or postcards. You need to write down the zip code when you send a letter or a package. Post offices, DHL, Federal Express, UPS, Hanjin Shipping Company, and EMS provide shipping services.

Overseas postal service

For overseas mail, a direct visit to a post office is mandatory. Express Mail Service provides the fastest and safestinternational postal service that delivers urgent letters, documents and packages. EMS is operated by the KoreaPost under special agreements with reliable, overseas postal counterparts. Before sending your mail, make sure to write down the address and names of senders and recipients, phone numbers and the contents, numbers and costs of items. Rates vary depending on the kind of mail and its weight, so you need to check the information through homepages or the post office’s window. After sending your mail through EMS, air mail and registered mail, you can check out the status of delivery through the customer service center for international mail in the post office’scall center.When you call in Korea, use the following number (Tel. 02-2108-0050~60). If you’re calling from outside Korea, dial the following number (Tel. 02-2108-0051~0059)

Transmissible and Non-transmissible items for Overseas Mail

Transmissible items Non-transmissible items
  • Official Communications
  • Commercial Papers
  • Computer Data
  • Check Clearances
  • Business Samples
  • Magnetic Tape
  • Microfilm
  • Merchandise (some countries may prohibit sending certain merchandises.)
  • Coins and Bank Notes
  • Money Remittances
  • Negotiable Articles
  • Prohibited Articles
  • Items that are dangerous to handle or can destroy or contaminate other items.
  • Flammable or explosive materials or dangerous materials (paint, ink, etc.)
  • Obscene or indecent items
  • Processed or unprocessed gold, silver, platinum, gems and other valuables
  • Items that are prohibited at the receiving country
  • Easily perishable foods
  • Animals and plants

Door-to-door delivery

Door-to-door delivery refers to a service directly delivered to a recipient. It is more costly, but safer and faster than regular mail. Because senders leave the receiver’s contact information, it is less likely to lose the delivered items. With a call, an employee of a door-to-door delivery company visits your place and delivers various items including documents, parcels and heavy goods on the next day of receiving the items anywhere in the nation (On holidays or in certain areas including islands or mountainous areas, the delivery might be delayed for one or two more days). Other than calling, you can make a reservation through the homepage of the door-to- door delivery company. For thepost office door-to-door delivery service, you can visit a post officeandsignup for the service.
Rates for the door-to-door service vary depending on the receiver’s area, the kind and size of the items and the number of items. You can verify this information on the homepage of the door-to-door delivery company.
  • The post office door-to-door delivery service delivers the items the next day and items sent to Jeju-do by sea are delivered in two days.
  • The size refers to the sum of width, length, and height. If any of these exceeds the standard, you should pay additionalcharges.
  • The same delivery area refers to Si or Do where receipt and delivery of items were made and other areas and Jeju-do are separated from the same delivery areas. The delivery areas are divided into nine areas (Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi / Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongnam / Daejeong, Chungnam/Chungbuk /Gwangju, Jeonnam / Daegu, Gyeongbuk / Jeonbuk/Gwangwon/Jeju)
  • For the Jeju area, receipt of delivery items is made in Jeju-do and the rates of Jeju are applied to the delivery items sent to other areas. For the items sent from other areas, the rates are applied depending on the delivery area.
  • Additional fees for a registered package might be charged.

Door-to-Door Delivery Companies

Companies URL Tel
Hanjin Door-to-door Delivery +82 2 751 5916
CJ Korea Express Door-to-door Delivery  
Post office Door-to-door Delivery +82 2 2108 9895

(Ex) Basic rates for post office door-to-door delivery service

Weight (size) up to 2kg
(up to 60cm)
up to 5kg
(up to 80cm)
up to 10kg
(up to 120cm)
up to 20kg
(up to 140cm)
up to 30kg
(up to 160cm)
Within the same area 3,500 won 4,000 won 5,500 won 7,000 won 8,500 won
Other areas 4,000 won 4,500 won 6,000 won 7,500 won 9,500 won
Delivery to Jeju by air 5,500 won 7,000 won 8,500 won 10,000 won 12,000 won
Delivery to Jeju by sea 4,000 won 4,500 won 6,000 won 7,500 won 9,500 won