Express buses

KOBUS Express Bus Lines Association, 02-536-6460~2, www.kobus.co.kr (also available in English) Express buses are referred to as “jwaseok (seat) bus” in Korean and offer more comfortable rides than general buses. As they also tend to travel long-distance routes, express buses charge high fare than general buses.

General buses

General buses are referred to as ilban (general) bus in Korean. There are three main types of ilban buses, including red, blue and maeul (or village) buses. As destinations are written in Korean, English and Chinese, you should have little difficulty finding the bus that you need.

Blue buses

General blue buses, meanwhile, are the mid-range buses traveling within Incheon that can take passengers to major landmarks and often more specific destinations.

Village buses

Called “maeul (village) bus' in Korean, village buses are neighborhood shuttle buses usually running on short-distance routes in residential areas that lack access to major public transportation. Buses are smaller and charge lower fare than general buses.

Red buses

Red buses are generally used to travel long distances. Routes for these buses are set up to connect primary and secondary central business districts, and passengers can travel to more specific destinations by transferring to a different, more local bus. There are 21 red buses that travel from Incheon to Seoul.