Mass Media

Broadcast station and Radio

Korea’s three major broadcast stations include KBS, MBC and SBS. Each broadcast station has broadened the scope of broadcasting through territorial broadcasting, radio programming, cable, satellite programming, the internet and DMB. In particular, the development of internet homepages has enabled viewers to watch programs again. In addition, more programs have included viewers’ opinions or information in the programs.

Arirang TV is an English-language broadcast station that provides news and information on Korea. All TV and radio programs of the broadcast station are available in English. AFN (1530 AM, 102.7 FM) is a 24-hour English language radio station.
TV Channels Radio Channels (Frequencies)
KBS1-Channel # 9
KBS2-Channel # 7
1FM (93.1 MHz) – classic music or Korean traditional music
2FM (89.1 MHz-Cool FM) - K-pop
MBC-Channel #11 Regular FM (95.9 MHz) / FM4U (91.9 MHz)
SBS-Channel #6 Power FM (107.7 MHz) / Love FM (103.5 MHz)