Cultural Events

IFEZ Global Center provides information on cultural events for foreigners to participate in. Information on cultural events will be provided in English through IFEZ Global Center website, leaflet, e-mail and SNS.

Korean Food Cooking Class

We would like to introduce you how to cook Korean food so that we may share our feeling on Korean food. Korean food is easy to cook, healthful to eat, and variable to make.
  • Period : Once a quarter
  • Contents : Making Korean Food, including Kimchi (Kimjang)

Korean Culture Class

Through Korean culture class, you can make, play, and touch something unique of Korea, which lets you experience real Korea and get into one more step to Korea.
  • Period : Once a quarter
  • Contents : Making Green Celadon, Making Han-ji craft, Traditional Music Class, etc.

Historic Tour

You can visit DMZ, the favorite spot for the expats, and experience calmness and mindfulness during temple stay at a Korean temple.
  • Period : Twice a year
  • Contents : DMZ Tour, Temple Stay, etc.

Hangawi, Korean thanksgiving (Chuseok)

You can experience traditional culture and events as Koreans do such as traditional food and folk games.
  • Period : Every September