• 12.02JEIU Univ. Songdo International Campus MOU Signing

    03Yeongyu & Muui Tourism Complex Development Plan (Modification) Approved

    09Approval of the revised development and enforcement plan of Yeongjong Sky City

  • 11.05Opening of IBM Business Park
  • 10.06RFID/USN Korea 2009 Int’l Meeting held

    08Songdo Knowledge Industry Complex Entry Road completed

    16Incheon Bridge construction completed

    21Boeing Air Flight Training Center MOU Signing

    30Songdo AniPark Investment Agreement Signing

  • 09.05Signing of land contract for Unbuk Casino with Kyowa Tourism Inc. (Japan)

    09Yeongjong Broadway Multi-cultural Complex Project Development Implementation Corporations founded

    15Opening of Yeongjong Milano Design City, Triennale Incheon

  • 08.07Opening of Tomorrow City (u-City PR Plaza & Center Multi-terminal Complex)

    Opening of Incheon International Digital Art Festival

    10Signing of MOU for the establishment of u-City Public & Private Cooperative Corporation with IFEZ Public Developers (10)

    13Signing of MOU for the development of Songdo commercial facilities with ADC Development Group (USA)

    14Signing of MOU with Georgia Insititute of Technology

    27Holding of u-City International Conference

  • 07.01Construction complete for Songdo International School

    14Incheon Robot Land Corporation founded for the Cheongna Robot Land Construction

  • 05.04Yeongyu & Muui Tourism Complex Development Project PMC Established

    Designation of Songdo District for 2009 u-Trial City by Ministry of Land, Transport & Maritime Affairs

    08Signing of Academic MOU with George Mason Univ.

    11Signing of Academic MOU with Delaware Univ.

    13Construction commencement of Seoul-Incheon Expressway Straightening

    20Construction commencement Ceremony for Songdo Global University Campus

    25Basic Agreement for Milano Design City Development with Piera Incheon Exhibition Complex (Inc.)

    27Signing of land contract for investment of Kyowa Tourism Inc. (Japan) to Resort Casino Hotel in Unbuk

  • 04.21Cisco System (USA) u-City Global Center Construction Agreement

    BRC Inc. (Gachon Gil Foundation, IBM, Urban Development Corporation) founded for Bio Research Complex Construction

    Taiwan EPOCH Corporations MOU Signing for Alternative Energy Production Facilities Construction

    Sewage Treatment Reusagae Plant Installation in Songdo District 1~4

    Land Reclamation Completed for 151 Floor Incheon Tower

    Cheongna WTC Project Pre-IR Sessions held

    24Construction commencement for Cheongna Bear’s Best Golf Course

  • 02.13MOU Signing with the Univ. of Southern California
  • 12.22Korea Univ. Ku-Research Complex at Songdo Construction MOU signing

    29Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies Songdo Internationalization Support Center MOU Signing

  • 11.03IBM Bio Research Complex Construction Investment Agreement signed

    04Mando, Hella Electronics Corp. auto parts manufacturing and R&D Center construction investment MOU signing

    25Verna Biotech Korea Ground-breaking Ceremony

    26Yonsei Univ. Songdo Global Academic Complex Ground-breaking Ceremony

  • 10.07MOU signed between University of Missouri and Gyeongsang National University

    16International conference on IFEZ 2008 u-City was held.

    17Ceremony for agreement on the international event, RFID/USN KOREA 2009.

    24National Council of Free Economic Zone Foundation Conference (First President: Heonseok Lee, Commissioner of IFEZ)

  • 09.01Construction commencement for infrastructure of Unbuk Combined Leisure Complex

    02RFID/USN KOREA 2009 International Event was confirmed to be held.

    11Ground-breaking ceremony for Art Center

    22MOU signed for FS to Guggenheim Museum

    26Land sales agreement of KD Corporation, Ltd. was signed.

  • 08.01Songdo ConvensiA construction completed.

    14MOU for Digital City R&D Pilot Project was signed. (IFEZ IUDC Autodesk)

    19General Understanding with Yuzhnoye, the company in Ukraine was met.

    25Construction commencement for automated waste collection system at Section 1.

  • 07.033rd Conference for Investment Promotion for FTZ and FEZ was held.

    MOU with Japanese company Orix was signed. (USD 30 million)

    05Automated waste collection system at Public District 4 was completed.

    11Outsourcing for IFEZ Development Redefined Plan was started.

    16MOU for Development of Tomorrow City Robot Service System was reached. (IFEZ – Ministry of Knowledge Economy – SKT)

    17Construction completed for Asiana IDT

    18Construction commencement for Science village (R&BD Cluster at Songdo Techno Park Expanded Complex)

  • 06.03Approval on the development plan for Unbuk Combined Leisure Complex and the execution plan (modification) were obtained.

    11Construction of u-IT Cluster support center was completed.

    19MOU for mutual cooperation for IFEZ u-City construction was signed (IFEZ Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, ETRI)

    20Ground-breaking ceremony for Songdo Landmark City Development Project was held.

  • 05.06MOU with the Japanese company Piolax. (USD 1 million)

    14Outsourcing for the basic plan for IFEZ Culture and Tourism Development was started.

    15Changes in IFEZ Yeongjong Area Development Plan and Muui Art Center Construction were approved.

    18Seminar for Investment Opportunity in Japanese companies was held and MOU was signed. (Hotdori, Piolax)

    23Construction of Chingdao branch of Korea-China Logistics Center was started.

  • 04.04The 2nd CEO, Heun-Seok Lee was inaugurated.

    30Songdo International Complex Construction Project gained the approval by Incheon Metropolitan City Council

  • 03.07Ground-breaking ceremony for Tomorrow City (u-City PR/Experience center and composite Transit Center)
  • 02.11MOU with Marposs in Italy. (USD 3million)
  • 01.08AMB Property’s Incheon Logistics center construction completed

    11Consulting contract signed for Incheon Exhibition Hall Construction (Fiera Milano Spa)

    14MOU signed for Inha Univ. Knowledge Business Complex Development

    22Ubiquitous Intelligence Center established (Hong Kong AKP, USD 8 million)

    Landfill for Cheongra 2 District completed

  • 12.10Construction commencement of infrastructure for Songdo International Business District 3 Public District.

    17SPC for the beginning stage of Yeongjong Logistics Complex Development was set up.

    21SPC for Yonsei Univ. Songdo Global Academic Complex was established.

    27Construction commencement of Infrastructure for Yeongjong Sky City.

  • 11.06Development plan and execution plan (revised) for Yeongjong Sky City Development Project was approved.

    Contract for land sales with Fibox Telemetry Co., Ltd. was signed.

    13Land sales contracts signed with CJ Systems Co., Ltd. and 10 other companies related to RFID/USN.

    27MOU for IBM Data Center Construction with Kyobo Life was concluded (USD 10 million)

    MOU signing of Salk Research Center (USA)

  • 10.12MOU signing of State University of New York at Stony Brook

    MOU signing of North Carolina State University

    30Construction completed for GM Daewoo Cheongra Research Center.

  • 09.11Framework agreement signed on Science Village (Songdo Techno Park Expanded Complex) (IFEZ Songdo Techno Park Foundation)
  • 08.27Agreement on Songdo 6·8 Public District Development was signed.

    MOU signing between Perdue University and Gyeongsang National University

    30(주)휴니드테크놀로지스 토지매매계약 체결

    31DHL 동북아 허브화물터미널 건축 공사 착공

  • 07.12Land sales agreement with Huneed Technologies Co., Ltd. was signed.

    25MOU for exchanges with Indonesian BIDA was signed.

    Agreement on DHL Air Cargo Logistics Center was signed.

  • 06.18Land sales agreement with I-Sens Inc. was signed.

    19Construction completed for parks and green zone at Songdo 1 downtown.

  • 05.02The opening of Lippo Incheon Development Co., Ltd., a developer of Unbuk Combined Leisure Complex

    14Seminar for investment opportunity in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

  • 04.24Naming ceremony for Jack Nicklaus Golf Course Korea in Songdo International Business District
  • 03.13Groundbreaking ceremony for reclamation on public water surface in Songdo 6·8 Public District

    21Groundbreaking ceremony for public infrastructure at u-IT Cluster

    27Construction commencement for AMB Property Logistics Center

  • 02.01Construction commencement for the Central Park in Songdo International Business District.

    15Construction commencement for Nano Technics

    16Construction complete for parks and green zone in Songdo Knowledge Information Industrial Complex

    28Business agreement on Cheongra Theme Park Golf Course Project was signed. (Macquarie – Lotte Engineering & Construction Consortium)

  • 01.30MOU for POSCO Global R&D Center was signed.
  • 12.01Construction of Gudel plant completed.
  • 11.01Comprehensive ground-breaking ceremony for infrastructure construction of Songdo International Business District

    10MOU signed for Youngyu-Muui Tourism Complex with Kempinski S.A.

    30MOU signed for Global Business Logistics Park construction (Incheon city - Dubai).

  • 10.27Construction completed for Schenker Logistics Center.
  • 07.01Construction commencement of NEATT and the basement of hotel and department store

    11Framework agreement signed for development project in Songdo 6·8 Public District.

    20Agreement signed for AMB property.

    31Agreement ceremony for Celtrion extension and product supply

  • 06.12Agreement signed with Sanil Tech.

    16Framework-raising ceremony for putting up the upper girder of Incheon Bridge (First anniversary of the construction commencement for Incheon Bridge)

    Agreement for building u-IT Cluster concluded. (MOIC – Incheon)

  • 05.08Land supply contract signed between Incheon City and Yonsei Univ.
  • 04.10Construction commencement of Korea-China Logistics Center

    26Construction commencement of Gudel Factory

  • 03.08Construction commencement of Songdo International School

    10Construction commencement of Korea-China Logistics Center

    27Agreement signed on additional land trade for Celtrion.

  • 02.06MOU on the development of Songdo Section 6·8 reached. (Portman Consortium)
  • 01.06UN APCICT opened. (Korea’s first UN organization)

    26MOU signed on Songdo Yonsei International Complex. (Incheon – Yonsei Univ.)

  • 12.23Construction commencement of the connecting road to Incheon Bridge.
  • 09.05Land improvement for GM Daewoo R&D Center at Cheongra area started.
  • 07.13RFID/USN strategy seminar was taken place. (FKI building, Yeoeuido)
  • 06.10New PR center ‘IFEZ Vision 21’ opened. (21st floor of Get Pearl Tower)

    16Ground-breaking ceremony on Incheon Bridge & President Roh presided over Logistics and Economy Advisory Meeting.

    Name of 2nd Bridge decided to be ‘Incheon Bridge’

    19Mayor Sang-Soo Ahn attended to ‘Bio 2005’, Philadelphia, USA

    22Celtrion announces a 2 billion dollar-contract of supplying new medical drugs to BMS (USA).

    23NSC reached a financing contract for a project worth 1.5 trillion Korean won.

    28Incheon City established an Act on foreign investment promotion.

  • 05.09Investment Opportunities event at Hong Kong and Singapore

    16Investment Opportunities event at Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

    18NSC had a session to report its development plan and timeline for international business area.

    The UN organization, APCICT (Asia Pacific Training Center for Information and Communication Technology) was agreed to open at Songdo International City.

  • 04.08Ground-breaking ceremony for reclamation of Section 5·7 at Songdo International City

    19Completion ceremony for Songdo and Mansu water treatment centers.

    26Mayor Sang-soo Ahn undertook promotion for IFEZ in the US and Canada.

    28CEO Hwan-kyun Lee makes a speech at the Singapore World Economic Forum

  • 03.08Morgan Stanley announced its investment of 15 billion Korean won to Songdo International City.

    Attended to ‘MIPIM 2005’ and executed investment promotion and PR activities.

    22Investment Management Company, Angelo Gordon & Company announced to participate in the development of Songdo ‘Cyber City’.

    29Investment briefing held with the participation of member companies in the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea

    31CEO Hwan-kyun Lee visited Singapore’s Winnorth and Dubai’s Internet City.

  • 02.18Ground-breaking ceremony on the Incheon City Rail Line 1 extension project to Songdo.
  • 01.07A briefing session on ‘U-City strategy’ outsourcing was held.

    13‘Public-private committee’ for the development of international business area was formed.

    14Reshuffling the organization to improve investment promotion activities. – Investment Promotion Bureau has three divisions. Planning and Information division changed to Planning and Policy division, Tax Policy division changed to Public administration division, Construction planning division was newly established under Urban planning Bureau.

    18Hwan-Kyun Lee undertook IR activity to US. – Discussion on the development project with Gale and Angelo Gordon & Company.