Yeongjong International City

Optimal location for distribution and tourism with world-class airport facilities

Yeongjong, home to Incheon International Airport, is a catalyst for growth as Midan City received prior approval for developing a casino complex from foreign capital in Korea. With the glamorous nickname "Las Vegas of Korea," Yeongjong is turning into a major leisure and tourism city with foreigner-only casinos, hotels, convention centers, shopping centers, resorts and even a marina.

Development Outline

Development Outline
  • Location : Yeongjong-do·Yongyu-do, Jung-gu
  • Size : 52.30㎢ (12,923.61 ac)
  • Budget : $11.26 billion
  • Project period : 2003 ~ 2020
  • Estimated population : 183,762 people (70,653 families)

Development Plans

Tourism and Leisure Complex City based on Incheon International Airport and Beautiful Marine Environment
  • Complex Tourism : Development into a complex tourism city with a Korean Family complex resort and maritime leisure facilities
  • Flight and Distribution : Concerted support to make Incheon International Airport a hub for international cargo
  • Aviation Industry : Aviation industry cluster incorporated with related education institutions and manufacturing∙laboratory facilities