Airport Free Trade Zone

Airport Free Trade Zone((Logistics complex)

The Airport Free Trade Zone will be the wing to enable your company to open the path to global business expansion.

Airport Free Trade Zone
The logistics complex at Incheon International Airport, the gateway of Northeast Asian logistics, is a free trade zone without clearance procedures for imports and exports. Customs benefits, no value-added tax and discounts on land rental fee will be altered. Create a synergy effect by connecting the delivery centers and manufacturing bases of global logistics companies operating in the complex.
  • Inquiries
    • Logistics Team, Incheon International Airport Corp. ☎ 032-741-2276
    • Infrastructure Service Industry Division, IFEZ Authority ☎ 032-453-7323
Development plan
  • Land Area
    • 1,643.000㎡ (입주완료 90.9%, 잔여부지 9.1%)
    • - 2021.4~ 3단계물류단지 약 320,000㎡ 추가공급 예정
  • Qualifications for entry into the complex

    ① Manufacturers whose main purpose is export

    ② Foreign investment companies working in manufacturing or knowledge industry

    ③ Knowledge industries

    ④ Wholesalers whose main purpose is import and export

  • Architectural planning Conditions

    Logistics Company / Manufacturing Company : Building Coverage Ratio70% Floor Area Ratio 350%

Land Area
  • Incheon International Airport Discount incentive on land rental fees
    • Swift import/export processing available by carry-in/carry-out without clearance procedures (paperless)
    • Generation of synergy effects available with global logistics companies in FTZ
    • Synergy effects generated by connecting with global delivery center with optimal location and manufacturing bases Inquiries
Development plan - Category of business, Investment Amount, Reduction Period/Reduction Rate
Category of business Investment Amount Reduction Period/Reduction Rate
Manufacturing Company over USD 10million 3years : 50%
over USD 30million 5years : 100%
over USD 50million 7years : 100%
Logistics Company, Global Delivery Center, Whole Sale Trade over USD 1million 3years : 50%
over USD 15million 5years : 100%
over USD 30million 7years : 100%
Development plan - Special customs benefits, Exemption of valueadded tax
Special customs benefits
  • No tariffs on foreign goods: Free Trade Zone
  • For domestic goods subject to carry-in report, tariffs are refunded as they are considered exports
    • Machines, devices, facilities, equipment and their parts
    • Raw materials, lubricants, office computers and construction materials
No tariffs on all manufacturing facilities/ items carried in from abroad
Exemption of valueadded tax
  • Among domestic goods subject to carry-in report to FTZ
    • Machines, devices, facilities, equipment and their parts
    • Raw materials, lubricants, office computers and construction materials
  • Foreign goods and services supplied/provided between companies based in FTZ
Value-added tax exempted for raw materials and machinery necessary for factory construction