Promotional Goals and Future Direction

Promotional Goals and Future Direction

Promotional Goals
  • Develop international hospitals and medical organizations equipped with world-class facilities that offer top-notch medical services
    • Improve the living environment for foreigners and the medical environment for Incheon citizens
    • Develop anchoring facilities (clinical research, etc.) for the medical bio cluster
    • Attract overseas patients, improve national competitiveness, and stimulate the local economy
  • Establish a bio medical hub

Future Direction

  • Attract world-class international hospitals
  • Create a concentration (cluster) of research/manufacturing facilities in connection with anchoring facilities such as hospitals and universities
  • Execute marketing initiatives targeting different specialized medical fields
  • Attract major domestic corporations to stimulate the medical bio cluster

Vision and Strategy

  • Vision

    Become the best international hospital in Asia that offers world-class facilities and medical services

Strategic Challenges

Category Duration Objective Details
Phase-1 2003 ~ 2014 Attract anchor
  • Attract vaccine, biosimilar, new medicine engineering corporations
    • GE Healthcare IT, Utah-Inha DDS & Advanced Therapeutics Research Center, Crucell, Celltrion, Samsung Biosimilar, etc.
Phase 2 2013 ~ 2016 Attract medical organizations and
establish a Medical Town
  • Attract general hospitals with diagnosing/clinical testing capabilities to expand into the bio medical field
Phase 3 2014 ~ 2020 Attract connecting facilities
  • Absorb demand for medical tourism
    • Build hotels, residences, research, and academic facilities

Key Project Implementation Status

Project Name Project Overview
Medical Town development
inside Cheongna International City
  • Project Duration
    • 2014∼2024
  • Key Facilities
    • Special medical hospitals, medical colleges, medical support facilities, experience/cultural facilities, etc.