Promotional Goals and Future Direction

Promotional Goals and Future Direction

  • Construction of a education and research hub in Northeastern Asia by attracting top foreign educational organizations and absorbing the regional Asian educational demands
  • Inducement of foreign investment in future stock-based industries through the creation of industrial-academic/educational research synergy
  • Development of the knowledge service industry and minimization of national educational deficits through attraction of leading foreign education organizations
Future Direction
  • Formation of national and international global university campus towns
  • Attraction of world-class IT, BT, and NT advanced industry-related universities and research centers
  • Internationalization of national higher education through global education and research cooperation
  • Construction of innovative education and research clusters through industrial-academic-research exchange and cooperation

Vision and Strategy


Construction of the best Education and Research Hub in Northeastern Asia

Conduction of 4 Main Strategies
Global University Campuses
(Joint Campuses with Overseas Universities)

Construction of education and research hub complex in Northeastern Asia

  • Responding to demands in Northeastern Asia for international education
  • Construction of knowledge-based industry and infrastructure
  • Cultivation of global professionals
Songdo International Complex
(Yonsei University)

Construction of high-tech industrial clusters and anchor facilities

  • Global Campus
  • Joint University Campus
  • Science & Engineering R&D Park
Research Universities (Domestic Prominent Universities)

Construction of academic industry-research clusters with domestic prominent universities

  • BT, IT, NT
  • Leading advanced industries and internationally oriented education and research
  • Offering advanced knowledge industry research-based cultivation of global professionals
International Schools

Expanding foreign investment through improved foreign residential environment

  • Establish 2 international schools in Songdo area
  • Establish 2 international schools in Yeongjong area
  • Establish 2 international schools in Cheongna area

Main Business Promotion Status

Main Business Promotion Status : Business Name, Business Overview, Target Investment Industry
Business Name Business Overview Target Investment Industry
Construction of Songdo International Complex
  • Business period
    • 2007-2020
  • Main business details
    • Construction of Yonsei University
    • Advanced research center
    • Premium education
    • Construction of international education/research hub
  • Education Programs
    • Premium education in colleges (Underwood International College, College of Pharmacy, College of Dentistry), Global fusion engineering (IT, Environment & Energy, Nano Graduation School), etc.
  • Foreign Institutional Collaboration Programs
    • United Nations: Establishment of UN-OSD
    • University of Paris-Sud (France): Yonsei-Paris Sud
    • INDEX (Denmark): INDEX Asian Center
    • University of Geneva (Swiss): Office installation
Construction of Global University Campus
  • Business period
    • Stage 1 : 2008.07 ~ 2015
    • Stage 2: After 2019
  • Main business details
    • Leading Foreign Academic·Research Organizations, Accommodation of 10,000 students
  • Opening in March, 2012
    • SUNY (State University of New York) Korea
  • Openings in 2014
    • George Mason University (March)
    • Ghent University (September)
    • University of Utah (September)
  • Openings in 2017
    • Fashion Institute of Technology (August)
  • Foreign universities of the world’s top 50 in the process of negotiation
Construction of Industrial-Academic-Research Domestic Campuses
  • Business period
    • 2008. 1 ~ 2020. 12
  • Main business details
    • Construction of domestic university campuses
  • Attraction Targets
    • Inha University: Songdo Knowledge and Industry Complex
    • Hankuk University of Foreign Studies: Internationalization Support Specializing District
    • Jei University : Songdo Internationalization Campus
    • Incheon Catholic University: Songdo Global Education Research Campus