Improvement of Foreigners' Living Conditions

Improved Living Conditions for Foreigners

Improved Living Conditions for Foreigners - Incentive, Description
Incentive Description
Provision of Foreign Language Service
  • Issuance official documents in foreign languages, amd receipt and processing of foreign language official documents
Superior Education Environment
  • Establishment and management of foreign education facilities (elementary, middle, and high schools, and universities)
  • Provide funding support or building space for facility construction and school management
  • Eased regulations on foreign education facility establishment and management through special law enactment
    *Permission of domestic elementary, middle, and high student enrollment (up to 30% of enrolled students)
Safe Medical Environment
  • Construction and management of foreigner medical facilities and private foreigner pharmacies
  • Recognition of services related to special medical cases (such as hot spring)
  • Enactment of special act for foreigner medical facilities
  • Approval of private foreigner casinos (over $500 million foreign investment sum)
  • Expansion of foreign channels in cable broadcasting
  • Provide from 1/100 ~ 10/100 (of the total number of households) houses for private foreigner use

IFEZ Global Center

IFEZ Global Center
The Global Center is dedicated to provide a trouble-free life for its foreign residents.

IFEZ, which is going through continuous growth as it develops into an international city, operates the IFEZ Global Center in order to welcome the increasing number of foreign residents and visitors and to create a more comfortable residential environment for its foreign residents. It gives full support to foreign residents by operating various programs in order to help them live a contented life in IFEZ as well as helping them resolve ordinary inconveniences and difficulties they may experience while staying in IFEZ.

IFEZ Global Center