Easing Various Regulations & Burdens

Easing of Regulations and other Business Burdens

Easing of Regulations and other Business Burdens - Incentive, Description
Incentive Description
Eased Labor Regulations
  • Exclude persons of national merit, the disabled, and the elderly from employment duty
  • Elimination of regulations regarding dispatched laborers and target businesses
  • Unpaid holidays, unpaid leave period allowed
Elimination of Metropolitan Area Maintenance Plan Law
  • Non-application of foreign investment-related Metropolitan Area Maintenance Plan law Article 7 (overcrowding control domain restriction), Article 8 (growth management areas restriction), Article 12 (imposition of overcrowding charges), Article 18 (total restriction of overcrowding facilities), and Article 19 (restrictions on large-scale development business).
Freedom in Foreigner Exchange Trading
  • Direct provision of routine business costs through foreigner exchange.