Simplified Administrative Procedure

Simplification of Administrative Procedures

Simplification of Administrative Procedures - Incentive, Description
Incentive Description
Plan Designation and Approval Consideration
  • In the case of Free Economic Zone designation, consideration of designation, establishment, and approval of the following
    • Designation of urban development area and establishment of urban development plan
    • Scheduled district designation and housing site development plan approval
    • Designation of national industrial complexes, general local industrial complexes, and advanced urban industrial complexes
    • Designation of tourism sites and tourism complexes
    • Designation of logistics complexes
    • Approval of Ministry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs for establishment and modification of urban development plan
    • Modification of public waterway reclamation plan
    • Univred shore management plan and modification of shore management area plan
    • Modification of basic waterway plan, basic capital area maintenance plan, and basic sewage maintenance plan
Notice or Announcement
  • In the case of implementation plan approval announcement
    • Notice and announcement of approval of 39 individual laws, including the Grassland Law, Production Area Law, and Agricultural Land Act.