Yeongjong Management Division

(22004) 1000-26, Yeongjonghaeanbuk-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
Subway & Bus
SubwaySubway + BusBus
  • From Unseo Station exit 1 Bus number 204 Get off at Hanul Culture Center, Hanul Culture Center Bokjjidong 1F within 5 minute walking distance
By Car
Unseo Station Unseo Station exit 1 88m straight – turn right towards huinbawi-ro59 and 160m straight – turn left towards Yeongjong-daero and 1.4km straight- turn right towards Youngjong seashore-bukro and 559m straight - turn right and 234m straight – Youngjong Development Department (Hanul Culture Center Bokjjidong 1F)