IFEZ Promotional Video(IR)
  • 2015-12-24
Splendid visions born from the sea…
Terraforming the ocean to build upon it a complete urban infrastructure;
a new miraculous milestone in history.
And one step at time,
our voyage towards the rest of the world continued forth…
And eventually, we grew to be the true international city we are today,
together with the global enterprises we’ve welcomed,
headed towards embracing a bigger world.
Our (endeavors and) challenges continue forth, even today.
Global Business Hub, IFEZ

With the exceptional locational advantage of being in the middle of Northeast Asia,
IFEZ is your neighbor closest to the rest of the world.

With the world’s number one rated Incheon Int’l Airport,
and Incheon Port, fast becoming the best hub harbor for maritime logistics,
IFEZ’s connections to the rest of the world are fast, and simply unparalleled.

Along with a diverse range of global human resources support,
it’s the perfect city for commerce.

Certified by massive investments from global enterprises,
there is no other city like IFEZ for business.
Light speed development of the city has led
IFEZ to become a role model for all future urban designs,
a city built from scratch to win over not only Korea’s attention but the entire world’s.

With distinguished strategies never before tried on any city anywhere,
IFEZ is growing in its own unique way.

The center of International Business, IT, BT and R&D…
Songdo International City, a global cornerstone for advanced knowledge service sectors….

Finance, tourism, leisure, and advanced industries…
a new concept for business communities for work, living, and commerce, Cheongna Int’l City…
With the wide open seas and sky…
the best place for aviation, logistics, and leisure, Yeongjong District…

With the three distinguished “zones” within IFEZ,
we offer only the best of business environments.

With global researchers and companies of the bio-sciences sector flocking to IFEZ,
the region has become the world’s mecca for all bio industries,

Over 600 domestic and international IT and semiconductor companies
reside within the advanced industries cluster,
leading the global advanced industries frontier altogether.

The two-phase Songdo Convensia and
Cheongna Medical Complex District are underway,
and with the establishment of (a global campus consisting of) prestigious academic institutions from both home and abroad,
IFEZ is fast becoming the international nerve center for MICE, education, and medical services.

Large scale shopping malls and complexes connected to the Incheon Int’l Airport
is allowing the region to become an epicenter
for the global logistics and distribution service industries.

Cheongna Hana Finance Town –
Yeongjong’s Midan City Casino Resort underway…
From international financial services to tourism, the most optimal location for global business is coming to fruition.

From business to comfortable living,
IFEZ has surely become the one-stop international city to enjoy everything
all at once.

But IFEZ isn’t settling completely on its results and praise, not yet;
we will continue forth and become the global driving force
for all high value services.
And we hope to mature as Asia’s hub for all international communities,
always evolving our urban planning, environment, and culture to surpass all
current global standards of settlement.

My dream is to witness the new history of IFEZ.
I will put my heart and soul to realize my dream
to make IFEZ as the global hub for service industry
with geographical center location in the Northeast Asian region,
convenient transportation network such as Incheon International Airport, Incheon Habour, KTX
and finally excellent human resources.
Thank you.

Your city for prosperous business,
and an equally prosperous lifestyle –
the global business hub, IFEZ