IFEZ Promotional Video
  • 2016-11-28
South Korea: located in the heart of Northeast Asia-

Situated in the west of South Korea, Incheon has historical value as a frontier city

that serves as the door connecting the past with the present.

And now

Incheon’s IFEZ
is becoming a new frontier region connecting the present with the future.

The infinite possibilities of IFEZ make it the key city ushering in the new world of tomorrow.

Frontier : Global Economic Platform
(Subtitle) IFEZ, Inviting the World
With Songdo, Yeongjong, and Cheongna at the center stage,
IFEZ is a city gaining the attention of the world for its optimum conditions as a free economic zone.

IFEZ is being recognized as a city of technological and industrial growth,

and is tirelessly developing to become a leader of the global economy.

Incheon IFEZ’s geographical advantage is its access to 156 cities within 3 hours.

It has become a foothold in the Pan Yellow Sea Economic Bloc established for the economy of the rapidly growing Northeast Asia.

It strives to become a city of international organizations that grow together with the world for the enrichment of tomorrow.

Through its robust global economic platform, IFEZ will be reborn as the world’s representative economic center.

Frontier : Service Industry Hub
(Subtitle) A City Where People, Technology and Culture Coexist
People, technology and culture coexist in IFEZ, a place of happiness for all that prepares for the world of tomorrow.

A city where global citizens can be engrossed in learning and research together-

A city where business and sightseeing can go hand-in-hand-

A central logistics hub city brought to another level-

A city that improves the efficiency of business through its financial knowledge services-

A city with access to the joys of the ocean-

IFEZ will continue to grow into a multicultural city

to offer a pleasant environment that everyone can enjoy.

Frontier : Convergence Industry Hub
(Subtitle) A Stage for Endless Industrial Innovation

IFEZ fosters the collaboration of industries to build innovation upon innovation,

creating a grand stage where endless growth is possible.

Building the world’s best biomedical city-

Developing new technology-

Serving as a leader of
cutting-edge industry.

Frontier : Smart city
(Subtitle) A New Paradigm for Cities

IFEZ is a city that makes every moment special.

Infusing greater value in life-

Making daily life special-

Achieving greater harmony with nature-

Before your very eyes, IFEZ is becoming the smart city everyone has dreamed of.

Making something from nothing,
reclaiming land from the sea—

IFEZ represents the realization of unlimited possibility,
and is now being reborn as a global business frontier.

A city ushering the world of tomorrow:
IFEZ , the Incheon Free Economic Zone

Global Business Frontier, IFEZ

Do you know the city that became the frontier city of South Korea?
A new frontier that links the present and future
A new frontier that links the present and future
A city ushering in the new world of tomorrow

3시간 이내 156개 근접 도시
 156 cities within 3 hours
Kyoto / Tokyo / Vladivostok / Ulaanbaatar / Beijing / Shanghai / Taipei / Hongkong / Hanoi / Naypyidaw / Bangkok / Kuala Lumpur / Jakarta

 Rapidly Growing Northeast Asia
 A foothold in the Pan Yellow Sea Economic Bloc
 A city of international organizations growing with the world
 A global economic platform of endless possibility

 Global Education ㆍR&D
 MICEㆍComplex Tourism
 Cutting-edge DistributionㆍLogistics
 FinanceㆍKnowledge Services
 MarineㆍLeisure
 Art and Cultural Events

 Biomedical Hub
 High-tech Convergence Hub
 Advanced Automobile Industry Hub

 Infusing life with vale / U-city
 Making daily life special / Eco-friendly City
 Achieving harmony with nature / Low-carbon Energy City

Frontier City
Global Business Frontier
The Future of The World
Global Business Frontier
IFEZ / Incheon Free Economic Zone