Guide to Incheon Marathon
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  • Date 2011-03-17

Guide to Incheon Marathon
March 27th, 2011 09:00 am
Munhak Worldcup Stadium - Song do, Korea
Start : March, 27th, 2011, 09:00
Elite : Full Marathon(42.195km),Half marathon(21.0975km), 10K, 5K
Masters : Full Marathon(42.195km),Half Marathon(21.0975km), 10K, 5K
Course :Munhak Worldcup Stadium - Song do coastal street - Munhak Worldcup Stadium(Turn Course)
Number of Runners(masters) : 20,000
Elite : Runners authorized by Korean Athletic Association
Masters : Any man and woman above 18 years old
Entry fee(Masters) living in Korea
Full marathon - 30,000 won, Half marathon - 30,000 won, 10K - 30,000 won, 5K - 20,000 won
Time Limits
Full marathon - 5 Hours, Half Marathon - 2 Hours 30 Minutes, 10K - 1 Hour 30 Minutes, 5K - 1 Hour
*If runners cannot finish their course within the time limit, they have to get on the vehicle provided by Organizing Committee. For those who refuse riding the vehicle, the Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any accidents that occur during the race.
Souvenirs: Windblock Jumper(Full, Half, 10km),Shirts(5km), Finisher's Medal, Booklet, Record Certificate(Half,10km)
Prizes for Elites : Each 1st - 6th men and women finishers - Prize money, trophy, testimonial
Prizes for masters: Each 1st - 5th men and women finishers - medal and trophy.
The awarding ceremony for the marathon takes place at the stadium.
Cash Payment only : Foreigners(including Koreans) living abroad
Entry Fee: US 40$(Full,Half,10Km), US 30$(5Km)
Bank: Nonghyup Bank
Cash must be remitted the following bank in US $.
All remittance fees during procedures are due on participants.
Depositor: Incheon Marathon Organizing Committee
Swift Code: NACFKRSE
Number of bank account
Full : US 40$:147-01-201180
Half : US 40$:147-01-201217
10K : US 40$:147-01-205201
5K : US 30$:147-01-205213
Refund Policy
Please check and make your own decision before remittance.
You can get refund only US 10$(Only for Half course) after your remittance due to all remittance fees (approx. US 30$) during
procedures. No refund after Remittance for 10K, 5K participants .
 Timing Chip and bib numberWe will send timing chip and bib number to masters by express delivery system. All the participants should wear the bib number on their chest during the race. The bib number must not be changed or removed during the race. If it is changed or impaired, the runner can be disqualified. The chip should be returned immediately after the race.
Gyeongin Subway Line #1 → Bupyeong Station(transfer to Incheon on Subway Line #1)→Get off at Munhak Stadium(Exit #2)
If you drive youself on the day, you can park at the parking place of the Munhak worldcup stadium. You will be guided by the staff members
Changing Room and Depository

Changing room and depository will be set near main stadium, but valuables must be kept by owners.
Medical Service

Ambulances are also available for dropouts and patients along with the course. If you are not sure of your condition during the race, do not force yourself and get on the bus.
① Athletes arriving at a station after it has closed automatically lose the right to continue running and must follow the instructions of the officials.
② During the race, if an athlete experiences difficulty in running or if any unexpected problem arises, he/she shall contact the nearest available attendant or official of the Organizing Committee and follow their instructions.
③ An athlete shall immediately stop running if ordered to do so by an attending medical official or by the referee, and shall follow their instructions.
④ Don't overrun for your health.
Aid Station

Refreshment stand for the official refreshment will be set on the righthand side of the course at 5Km intervals after the first 5km. In addition, Banana and chocolate pie will be supplied.
For further information
Organizing Committee of the Incheon Marathon
18-1, 4-Ga, Hang-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon 400-750, Korea
Phone (82-32)452-0192~6, Fax (82-32)763-8828
E-mail :
(82-32)452-0193 Korean ,

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