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  • Date 2011-03-28


The IFEZ global service center has recently opened its website ( and posted <The guidebook for living in Korea> and <The key telephone numbers and websites for Incheon>. <The guidebook for living in Korea> contains information on various support services for foreigners that are provided by both the government of Korea and private organizations as well as useful information on staying in Korea, acquiring citizenship, housing, food, clothing, transportation, prenatal services, raising children, education, health care and medical services, the social welfare system, employment and labor. In addition to business issues, <The key telephone numbers and websites of Incheon> includes all contact information and websites covering accommodation facilities, housing, water supply, gas, electricity, education, finance, banking, public transportation, driving, health care, broadcasting, shopping, food, tourism and leisure. Designed to enhance the convenience of life and business for foreign companies and expats, the IFEZ global service center website provides 41 different forms in eight areas with regard to information on lifestyle, culture and communication, a bus and subway map service, key telephone numbers and also allows foreigners to make suggestions on the living environment of Korea by participating in Q&As and a survey. IFEZ plans to keep updating the global service center website to provide foreigners with useful information with regard to daily life in real time and promote communication and exchange with foreigners through cellular phone and the Internet media like SMS, MMS, Twitter and Facebook.


The guidebook for living in Korea and information on key telephone numbers and websites for Incheon are available.

IFEZ has sent the investment information database to tenant companies IFEZ has sent a text message in the form of SMS to inform tenant companies and investment promotion agencies, including Invest Korea, about the investment information database of its homepage ( The investment information database includes information on general investment procedures, investment procedure by business type, investment incentive programs and related regulations in a clearly understandable way with a direct link to 38 incentive-related regulations. In addition, IFEZ has posted information and news on 61 problems resolved for tenant companies and 31 cases of providing investment incentives along with the investment success stories of five companies that include Lippo Incheon Development, Amex, Schenker Korea, GM Daewoo and Samsung Tesco.

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