Incheon Asian Games Posters Unveiled
  • Writer GSC
  • Date 2011-04-04

○ The 2014 Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee (IAGOC) unveiled the official   
     posters for the 17th Asian Games on March 31.

○ Motivated by the composition of the Games emblem, the designer of the main poster has
     used various graphic elements to form the image of a running sportsman. This athletic and
     rhythmic image represents a festival for harmony and peace among Asians achieved 
     through sports. 

○ "The design mainly focuses on representing the identity of the host city, connection with the
     emblem and active sportsmanship," explained the designer of the main poster, Mr. Kum-jun
     Park of 601BISANG.
○ Official Games posters have been designed after categorizing the 28 Olympic sports into
     five groups - racket sports, ball sports, water sports, athletic sports and weights (combat &
     martial arts).

○ Created by six designers, the posters each represent the philosophy and values of the 17th
     Asian Games in various ways.

○ In order to create public interest and an atmosphere for the 17th Asian Games, the
    organizers plan to use the posters for official events of the Games and for promotional  
    purposes. They are also committed to continuing their work towards the success of the   

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