The 1st Incheon-China Week Cultural Festival
  • Writer GSC
  • Date 2011-04-25

Incheon, which holds Korea’s only Chinatown, hosts some special festivities in Bukseong-dong Chinatown and Jayu Park each Apr. 29 ~ May 1 (Chinese Labor Week), giving people an opportunity to directly experience and enjoy Chinese culture.

Events include dragon dances, tiger dances, parades, and demonstrations of traditional Chinese martial arts, as well as jajangmyeon noodle events, including cooking and eating contests, which is fitting, as Incheon is the birthplace of jajangmyeon.

Date: 4.29 (Fri.) ~ 5. 1 (Sun.)

Place: Jayu Park, Incheon China Town, Incheon Art Platform, etc.

< Main Program >

 ꊱ Incheon~China Day Culture Festival

 ꊲ China Town Street Parade

 ꊳ Jajangmyeon Cooking & Eating Contests (MBC)

 ꊴ Chinese Students Talent Show & Quiz Event (OBS)

 ꊵ The western sea 5 islands (Paek Ryoung-do) Chinese tourist
     peaceful sightseeing

 ꊶ Incheon History·Culture Tracking & Storytelling

 ꊷ Oversees Chinese Forum 

  Oversees Chinese Photo Exhibition

 ꊹ Oversees Chinese Reference Exhibition

[10] Chinese Accomplishment Corps Performance

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