Survey on the IFEZ Smart City Development Plan
  • Writer 신환희 / 투자유치기획과 (0324537355)
  • Date 2021-06-23

Incheon Smart City Corporation is in charge of the survey on the Smart City Development Plan in Incheon Free Economic Zone.

The Smart City tries to create more livable and sustainable enviroments by applying information technology to urban spaces.

IFEZ has been leading the domestic smart city trends by presenting smart cities as a differentiation strategy from the urban planning level.

IFEZ is to further develop smart cities to solve local problems in Songdo, Yeongjong and Cheongna, and to plan a sustainable future suitable to regional

chracteristics. This survey aims at listening to the opinions of citizens as the basic data for the directions and detailed composition of this strategy plan.

Your answers will be used only for statistical analysis, and strict confidentiality is guaranteed by the Article 33 of the Statistical Act (confidentiality protection, etc.).

Your contribution is highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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