IFEZ Korean Kite Making & Flying Event (Registration: ~ Feb. 7th, 13:00)
  • Writer 김경선 / 투자유치기획과 (032-453-7663)
  • Date 2022-01-20



Since the New Year’s Day in lunar calendar and the first full moon of this year are coming, IFEZ Global Center will hold a Korean Kite Flying Event.

It is a Korean traditional ceremony to fly a kite, hoping to fly away bad luck as well for the new year.

Please join if you want to experience Korean Kite for the new year.


- Date & Time: Wednesday, Feb 9th. 13:30~16:30   *Timetable presented below

- Location: Central Park, Songdo

- You may group with your family member or friend. You may group with yourself.

- Participation Fee: 10,000KRW /Group

- Online Registration: ~ Feb 7th. 13:00 (First come, first served basis)  Click here for registration

- You will be provided with hand-made Korean Kite to fly on the day, and a Korean Kite kit to make by yourself later. 

('How to make' video clip will be sent to you after the event.)

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